Bespoke, Hand-Made Brew Bars For Pour-Over Coffee Preparation.
Coffee Preparation
The video clip and method below shows you just how easy pour-over coffee preparation is. This is just the best way to make your fresh roast and ground coffee, it's so simple and quick (and no messy cateieres to clean out, no planet damaging, non-biodegardable coffee pod packaging to get rid of, and let's not even mention "instant coffee"...).
You only need a few bits and pieces to start your brewing.

*   A top fresh roast and ground speciality coffee - contact our friends at Gold Box Roastery North Star Coffee Roasters.
*   A brew bar station.
*   A coffee dripper.
*   Your favourite mug.
*   Filter papers.
*   Scales.
*   Boiling water.
*   A drip kettle.

Once you have all the above at your finger-tips you are ready to go....

1.    Weigh
       ......the coffee, general rule of thumb is 16g per 250mls (or 250g) of water - dont forget this is your own prefernce and with a little trial and 
      error you will arrive at your own proportions depending on how you like your coffee.

2.    Prep
       ...... fold your filter paper along the crimped edge and place it into the pour over.      
       With your boiling water (boil twice as much as you'll need) rinse the filter paper to remove any potential taints, once this water has fully
       dripped through, discard it.
       Add your weighed, ground coffee to the filter paper and pour over, give it a little shake to level out the grounds and make a small well in the 
       centre of  the grounds.
3.    Saturate
       ..... having measured the correct amount of boiling water into your swan-neck kettle, start to saturate the grounds starting at the well.
       The swan-neck kettle gives much greater control over the pouring action of the water, so continue to cover the grounds using a swirling   
       action. The coffee will expand and "bloom"

4.    Fill the brewer
       ..... continue this method until you have emptied the kettle. The brewing time should be around 21/2 - 3 minutes.

5.    Relax and enjoy
       ..... your superbly brewed roast and ground coffee. The easiest and cleanest brewing method there is.

 .....or watch the video below to create your perfect coffee. Click on this link to watch the video on the home page :  Coffee Preparation
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